Dragons Den Gaming, the main subsidary of Dragons Den of Ohio LLC., is an LGS(local game store) based in Barberton, Ohio. We sell products from Yu-Gi-Oh, Genesis Battle of Champions, Pokemon, Force of WIll, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and many many more. Anything from singles, bulk, or card sleeves, we have you covered. Stop in and check us out, or visit our online store.


On top of the LGS, We offer LARP (Live-action role playing) equipment. This can be prefabricated, custom or wholesale. We also partner with LARP, as a part of a network to bring players into a multi-game experience. Our main partner LARP is Aelimor, in which you can learn more below.

TCG and E-Sports Team

Dragons Den Gaming sponsors DDG Olympus, A TCG and E-Sports team, based in Barberton, Ohio.

Armory and Store

Our online store is available to those that prefer shopping on-the-go. Most of our products are availble here.

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Our Partners

Do you need branding for your LGS, E-Sports team, or products? Then check out our designer.